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My work is mainly composed of society, that means inheritance of Japanese art.


In that work, escape of physical body means complex. of sexuality or breaking away physical mental weakness.


Once when I was teens, I didn’t think of gender ---- I thought enclosed sexuality has no meaning. The name of “Sue” comes from that reason.

In fact, I became a woman by means medicine by hormone. But as a result of medicine I became a man losing by healthy damage I abandoned----symbol of men’s muscle to build up myself.

I pursued the attraction of muscle next and overcame of weakness physicality and mentality feeling. (I’m keeping with it now.)


With the share my experience, the founder in my work expressing face of woman and unbalance bodies means my ideal character and auto suggestion.

And I think that is my real life ---- unbalanced gap.


Gap also exists in especial of Japanese culture. In Japan traditional classic events and modern technology coexists strongly together, that is the field I think.


In order words that the gap old and new thought. I brought two kinds of environments.


Especially there are many shrines and temples in Kanagawa and Kamakura, which are second place population in Japan. I brought up there. So the gap inspired me naturally.


And my portraying character suggests modern Japan far from phantasy of the reality, abstract expressionism and like romanticism lie between them.

Gap is also here.


Japanese arts by the end of government Edo period were like Ukiyoe, Wood cut, Comics, those were special masterpiece of national customs and manners culture.

After the war Japanese art became hybrid by absorbing western industry culture.


The reason of Japan for reproduction is factor of phantasy---- I say that with confidence.


Japan is the first A-bombed country surely made representative phantasy by means of escapism.

In my art, I express real phantasy and hybrid western culture. Western culture produces reality and familiar in Japan, Manga, animation and games are the gap of escapism---fabricate fantasy of mix Japanese and western style.


And I control all my thought and future. Getting rid of environmental under ground of sentimental adolescence and I could conquer gender free of building muscle.


I create my best form----modern Buddha beyond the role of art.

Staying there, it means emancipation like mysterious sublimation.



.                  *全ての作品を表示しているわけではありません。

                         *​I do not have to display all works.         ​​



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